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Guard Duty

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Guard DutyMy dad owns a boat down at a local boat club. My mom and I are not interested in the life out at sea, but my dad is crazy it and as often as he can he goes out with his boat. I wouldn?t mind my dad having a boat, if it wasn?t so expensive. He doesn?t have a well-paying job, which ends up with me and my mom paying for everything and burning into our savings. My dad is a selfish prick in the middle of the worst case of midlife crisis I could imagine. He gets drunk and smokes his pipe in our garage while blasting music on a cheap stereo that he picked up at a local cheap goods store. It would usually break after a month and he would go buy a new one instead of just buying a good one that would last for a few years.I myself try not to think about what an idiot he is. Instead I usually just sit at home and play video games with my friends online on my days off from my job at a café in a shopping center. My mom works at a school and is the one positive thing I have at home.One night as I was sitting by my computer watching a movie while playing a game my dad knocked on my door.?Son, since I?m working Saturday morning I won?t be able to do the guard shift down at the boat club on Friday night.? He opened with and I sighed knowing what my dad was going to ask me. ?I need you and your mom to take the shift, otherwise we have to pay a fee to hire someone else to walk during the night. It won?t be hard, all you have to do is walk around with a flashlight. Plus someone else will be there with you.?I could not say no since I did not want to start a fight, since my dad is a hot-headed drunk and cannot stand when somebody thinks different or does what he says. Lately I?ve been standing up to him, but I avoid fights when I can. I was not really doing anything on Friday either, it would probably just be an ordinary night of gaming for me. So I decided it would be okay. Later that week on Friday, a few hours before me and my mom were leaving, my mom felt ill. She was coughing and had a runny nose, but she was still keen on going. I told her I wanted her to stay home instead of being outside all night freezing. She thought I was sweet and thanked me as she went upstairs to bed for sleep. I did the same to get some sleep before I had to leave later that night.My alarm ran at 21:00 that night and I got ready. I took a shower and ate some food before I got dressed in my hardened dress boots. I almost forgot my tissue pack, as I tend to sneeze a lot from an allergy during the spring. I took the family car and headed down to the boat club for the night. I hope time would go fast and I had brought a book to read between the walks that I would have to make every hour. I was a bit worried about the other person who would be on guard duty with me. I didn?t want to be stuck with some old guy who would be blabbering the entire night. I parked the car by the kiosk and looked around to see if anyone else was here. It was 21:55 and we were supposed to start at 22:00. There was another car parked here so my guard mate must have been there. I then noticed that one of the windows in the boat club?s office was shining and I assumed that the person must have been in there.As I approached the office I saw a woman sitting by a table reading on a tablet. I stopped to admire her, as she was gorgeous. She was a mature woman who looked to be in her late thirties. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a simple green tank top that hugged her 32D sized breasts tight. Her hair was straight with a honeyed blonde, and reaching just down to her chest. This would not be so bad after all I thought as I went in and said hello.Turns out she was a very friendly woman named Maria. She worked as a chef at a restaurant in the same mall that I did and this was her fifth time doing her annual guard duty for her family?s boat. I told her about myself and that I was here for the first time, but she was more than glad to show me around. She suggested that we go on our first patrol for the night and I had no objections. She stood up and turned around as she hoisted her jeans up. I of course could not take my eyes off her as her butt cheeks were squeezed tight into those jeans that hugged her skin tight. She handed me çanakkale escort a bright green vest reflective vest and a heavy and powerful flashlight. We put on our coats and the ugly vests and now looked the part of guards before we stepped outside into the dark night.We started patrolling, which was just basically walking between the rows of boats shining our flashlights. It was just to show that we were there, which kind of made me a little nervous. I mean, if someone actually wanted to steal something what could I do? Just shine a flashlight at the thieves? I doubt that anyone would actually come though. If someone would, we would hear them. It was a very quiet night and everyone was sleeping, even the ducks in the harbor.?Man I?m hungry,? I said thinking I should have brought something to eat for the night.?They?ve bound to have some cinnamon buns in the kiosk.? Maria replied with a smile. ?I always take one some when on guard duty.? She giggled as we were only allowed to be in the office during the night.?Oh, that would be sweet. But it?s going to take forever to finish the patrol.? I answered as my stomach rumbled.?Not if we split up!? Maria suggested and shined her flashlight in a direction. ?I?m going to go over here and you can take the other path over there. Is that alright?? Maria asked me and I nodded. ?We?ll meet back at the kiosk in ten minutes.??Alright,? I answered as Maria left for the far side of the row of boats.I walked and shined my flashlight down the many row of boats. Searching for any intruders who would steal any engines or valuables. Although my mind wandered off somewhere else entirely when I began thinking about Maria?s hot ass in her tight jeans. I was almost finished with my section when my flashlight began to fade and then it shut off.?Great,? I thought and slapped the flashlight a few times but it did not work. I turned back and headed for the kiosk as Maria had told me to. When I arrived I was late, but I could not see her anywhere. She should have been here before me, since her section was not as large as mine. I waited for a minute before I decided to head to her section to look for her. I spotted her light shining in the distance and headed for it. It was shining in the opposite direction, so I was approaching her from behind as I came closer. However she was not by the boats, instead she was closer to the fences and I started wondering what she was doing over there. As I turned a corner I spotted her and I sure was surprised by what I saw.Maria was squatting down with her jeans pulled down near the fence. She was doing nature?s calling and I had a perfect view of her entire beautiful self. I was only two or three meters away and I was quite surprised that she had not heard me. Given that it was so quiet. If my flashlight had been working properly she would have at least seen that I was close. I began wondering what I should do, I probably should have just backed up quietly and gone back to the kiosk to wait. That was what I was going to do, but just then she used her hands to spread her cheeks further and exposed her wide opened asshole. Standing right behind her, I couldn?t do anything but watch. She had such a beautiful butt and I could not help but stare at her. I leaned in for a closer look, but I fucked up.My foot hit a paint can and it must have been the loudest bang in history. My heart almost jumped out of my chest and I felt a sharp pain of anxiousness in my body. She knew I was there and I was watching. Was she going to freak and scream ?r****t? or ?pervert? at me? Call the cops and make me pay her indemnity for her being traumatized by a stranger watching her pee??You don?t happen to have a tissue, would you?? Maria suddenly asked and shined her flashlight at me.?U-uh?uhm,? I stammered and tried to block the blinding light with my hands, ?what???I have pee all over my cootch,? she replied calm and shined down at her legs, still squatting.?Uh?uhm yeah, I-I do,? I replied surprised and reached for the tissue package in my pocket and slowly took a step forward towards Maria.I handed her the tissue and she held onto my hand as she began to wipe herself clean. I was still shocked by how calmly she ısparta escort was acting and I was very nervous as I stood next to her silently acting as a support for her balance. She started to stand and I helped pull her up to her feet. She pulled her jeans back on and she looked at me with interest as I looked down at my feet.?So. Do you often watch women go to the bathroom?? She asked. She was not angry, but more intrigued by the situation. A young man watching an older woman do her necessities.?N-no, no I swear, it was an accident! I-I?m very sorry if I scared you! ?I stuttered nervous and tried to explain that I did not mean to watch her.?Do you think I?m hot?? She interrupted with a smirk and I was kind of stunned by the question.?I, well I?? I tried to think of an appropriate answer, which I could not find.?Do you think it?s hot seeing me naked?? She asked again and cupped her own breasts! ?Eh?I think you?re attractive yeah?? I admitted and a grin grew across her face.?Let me tell you what is going to happen. We are going to walk back to the kiosk and sit down at the table. Then you are going to undress and let me see what you?ve got hidden in those pants. Only then can I decide if you can make this night one to remember.? Maria explained to me and I could barely believe what she said.A few minutes later, just as Maria had told me. I was standing in my underwear as Maria sat in front of me. She had made me stand in the middle of the room as she watched me undress. She sat leaning forward with interest and anticipation as she saw that I was pitching a tent with my underwear. I was trembling slightly as I grabbed the elastic strap of my underwear. I did not know what she was going to do next as I slide the last piece of clothing off and revealed my cock which stood at attention, flicking up into the air as it was liberated from my underwear. I stared down at the floor for a moment, I was nervous what Maria was going to say. But when she didn?t say a word I slowly looked up and her mouth was slightly opened and staring down at my limb.?Hmm,? she finally broke the silence as she raised herself from the chair. ?This will do, this will do nicely.? She added as she grasped my tool.Her fingers were cold and I shivered as she slowly jerked my penis. I could not believe this was happening. I just stood there and let it happen to me.?I can feel you growing,? she whispered into my ear as my cock quickly swelled to fully erect.? Does this feel good for you???Y-yes,? I answered and turned my head to look at her. She smiled and licked her full lips slowly as she continued her careful treatment. I stared into her eyes before I looked down at her welcoming lips that were inviting me for a kiss. I leaned in and planted my own pair on hers and we kissed passionately. We held the kiss for a moment which lasted a lifetime until she squeezed my cock hard, almost painful.?This is a punishment you know?? She stated and gently pushed me away from her. ?Onto your knees!? She commanded and I could do nothing else but obey.I was hooked on Maria?s mature body and spirit and I watched her with lustful eyes as I fell onto the cold kiosk floor. She turned around and faced the table. She looked back at me, like her own obedient puppy, as she unbuckled her jeans and started slowly to pull them down. Only to jerk them down fast. Like a drop of water on a glass frame. I was reunited with her beautiful behind once more and I watched her place her hands flat on the table and lean forward. Letting me get an unobstructed view of her most precious and delicate privates?You said you were hungry?? She invited me in with a smirk and I planted my face hard in between her legs. I kissed her and licked her like a feral a****l making my head explode with delight. My nose caught up on her musky scent of feminine odor and I was cunt drunk. I never wanted to leave this spot as I kissed her body.?You?re lucky you had those tissues,? Maria mentioned as she was putting herself out to me. ?Although by, mmm, by the way y-yooouu?re eating me out I think it wouldn?t have matterrr-Aaah fuuuck!? She exclaimed with a high-pitched moan reacting to my licking.?Mmmhmmm,? I moaned into her cheeks sivas escort as my tongue was tangled in her watery snatch.?This was supposed to be a punishment for you!? She giggled in delight as I tongue fucked her opening. ?Eat my ass you horny pervert!? She demanded and I slide upwards and licked away at the tiny puckered butthole belonging to the sexiest woman in my life. It was not as bad as I expected it to be if I am to be honest. In fact, I quickly adjusted to her different tastes and I just could not stop eating her holes. She was moaning and trembling, her legs were shaking and bucking, I was making her cum and I knew I was close to making it happen. Her legs clamped down on my head hard and it hurt a bit actually. But with a tongue so deep in her butt I could not be bothered with such a minor issue.After Maria had calmed down and released my head I leaned back and watched as she turned around and sat up on the table. Spreading her legs apart and inviting me in. She motioned with her hand for me to rise and I got to my feet and stepped forward until my cock was dangling just centimeters above her pussy. Precum was dripping down and hitting the lowest part of her tummy. I looked down at my cock and her cunt and knew that these two were eager to be introduced into the most intimate of wrestling matches.?Fuck me with that young cock you little pervert.? Maria commanded and spat down at our privates.Her spit hit the left side of my cockhead and the rest fell onto my ballsack. I planned in my head of how I would tease her. Slapping my cock flat over her cunt. Rubbing up against her and my head cuddling up against the hood of her clitoris. But when I opened my eyes I realized that I somehow was buried inside her body. My testicles were resting gently against her sweaty asshole and her vagina was clamping down and squeezing my cock with a hard rhythm. I looked at Maria?s face and she was rolling her eyes into the back of her skull as my penis jerked and jolted inside her. My hands moved to the straps of her tank top and pulled them down to reveal her bra. Her own hands flew behind her back and unhooked her bra. She then threw her bra around my neck and pulled my head down into her chest to suffocate on her massive mammories. My mouth and tongue searched for a nipple and licked over her tits until I found a protruding nob. I locked on and sucked like a hungry baby as my cock began to thrust. Slipping in and out of Maria?s mature pussy. She was nearly twice as old as I was. If anyone saw us we would probably be in big trouble. Society would not think it would be appropriate for a young man and older woman. But Mother Nature would not care, she had designed us this way. To find mates and breed whenever we could, age had no matter.Her legs wrapped around my back as her body pulled me in more. I felt my cock filling the full depth of her cunt, which was a sloppy mess now. We did not say anything to each other but just listened to the sound of a wet pussy squishing as a cock fucked it hard. A wet sloppy pussy that needed to be creamed, and as the horny man I was, I needed to cum. Maria was moaning louder and uncontrollable as she came to a climax and I felt it on my dick when she orgasmed. The gripping and spasms of her vagina were too much for my cock and like a bottle of shaken soda I exploded into her. Sperm was spraying in where it belonged and we both screamed in mutual ecstasy to our joint orgasm.I took a step back and my cock slipped out of the experienced cunt and watched as my young cream oozed out of Maria?s pussy and splattered onto the floor. She rested herself on the table for a breather as I observed what I had just done to her. There was a lot of cum and we had used no protection at all. Had I just planted a baby inside her? Maria finally looked up and saw me staring blank at her cunt. She sat up and hopped off the table and squatted down in front of me before she brushed her cheek up against me soften cock. It was still coated with her sex juices and cum, she smeared them across her face and let my cock rest flat across her face. From her chin up to her forehead, leaking drops of cum onto her skin just above her eyebrows.?Mm, you remind me of my son.? Maria giggled and I was startled by her comment. ?Haha, I?m just k**ding,? she laughed and took my sloppy cock into her mouth. ?I have been aching for a fuck for months, and you sure delivered.? She added as she kissed my cock. ?Now, how about we look for those cinnamon buns??
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