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It's all planned out. My Significant Other, the Love of my Life has seen and contributed to the plan, and has been giving me evil smiles from time to time. I know what's going to happen. I just don't know when.

Here's what we will do:

I have a random timer app on my phone. This will be asked to pick a random time. In our case, somewhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The time is set to hidden in the settings so neither of us know when it will bleep its alarm. I've fantasised about things going on for much longer, and will be writing about some of these fantasies in future submissions. They will be extrapolations, exaggerations, fictions. This story though, is true, or will be true at some point.

She will tie my hands. Probably to my waist since it's potentially a long session. A rope harness with wrists and elbows fastened to it would be good. I will probably be lying on my belly, legs, unfettered, stretched out behind me. Or I might be lying on my back with my knees up as a backrest. Or I could also be kneeling, with my chin resting upon the edge of a chair, or upon nothing at all.

She will gag me. otele gelen escort The gag is a modified ring gag. It's been modified by sewing the ring of the gag into the crotch of a pair of panties. We've been having fun with these things lately, and I've been exploring the idea obsessively, but up until now it's all been about the sex. The tongue and the groove.

This is different. It's still about sex of course, but it's really about subspace, and edge play. It's not about getting an orgasm, although the session will hopefully conclude with one. I like the idea of somehow "being" the crotch of her panties. Having my hands tied so that I can't reach myself is part of the deal. This one's a slowburner.

It's probably a good time to point out that there are safety issues with what we plan to do. So a pair of safety scissors will be tied to the rope harness, and a mobile phone will be at hand. Just in case she dies of boredom. The right sized gag is important too. If limbs or jaw become uncomfortable, it has to be sorted. It has to be right for her as well. One type of gag we tried mecidiyeköy escort dug into her thighs. For this scene at least, it's not about pain any more than it is about sex. We've arranged that clicky fingers means Red Light. Game Over, or at least put on hold until limbs have been straightened and joints flexed. Some people hold a squeaky toy or something else that makes a noise when it drops.

So she might pull the panties on, but put a panty liner in. Or she might wear me over a pair of tights. Or she might make a pair that don't have a hole cut into them. That will stop my naughty roving tongue.

I'm bound inescapably and will be there until the alarm goes off. All I can see is what's before my eyes. All I can smell is what's under my nose. All I can taste is what is on my tongue. All I can hear is very little, because my ears will be between her thighs.

She will be wherever she finds most comfortable, sitting lying down or whatever and do whatever she wants. She's not obliged to keep the panties on or even to be in the same room as me. If she wants me to stay put, she has plenty of ways türkmen escort of doing so. The image of being pegged to a line just gave me an unexpected frisson just then! In my minds eye, she is pegging bras and frillies on the line next to me. They sway damply in the light breeze from an open window, brushing softly across my upturned face.

One of the things I'd like her to do is to get dressed. To put on stockings, and a basque or other sexy lingerie, perhaps a dress or a skirt. I guess I'm a sucker for the traditionally feminine stuff. Satin and lace. Brides and princesses. Now I have a ring side seat. The royal box.

So yes, a wedding scene would be a fine thing. Wedding lingerie, wedding dress. To the rest of the world I would be invisible.

She always pulls them up slowly. There's no rush. She pulls them up slowly, and I get a slow zoom on Her nether regions as I make my inescapable and inevitable encounter. Once pulled snugly in place, I'm able to pull away for an inch or so because the lacy fabric has some stretch, but there's nowhere to go, no matter how much I wriggle and squirm.

Then what? What is She going to do to fill the time while the timer drips down to zero?

Well we're open to suggestion on that. If you, dear reader would like to post a comment or a short extension to this story detailing what She will do, She's said she might include any suggestions that She thinks sound fun.
15 Mayıs 2024, at 18:58

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