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Jack and Toby Ch. 05

Post #1


"Damn it son, pull your head out of your ass. You're twenty-six years old." My dad paced around my apartment yelling at me.

"I'm not going to move on, Jack will be back. He always comes back." Defending Jack from my family is hard sometimes, but this time wasn't a possibility.

"You hid the fact he has been fucking around on you again and then you hide that he moved out. That he has been out of your apartment for two months?"

"Dad it's my business."

"Toby, you're asking for money to help pay your rent because your GODDAMN BOYFRIEND IS OUT SCREWING GOD KNOWS WHO."

"Dad, never mind." I had nowhere to go, it was my apartment. "I'll pick up a part time job or something."

"When and how Toby." He shook his head and sat down at the kitchen table. "Damn it Tobias, you're going to give me a heart attack one of these days."


"Tobias, sit down." He took a deep breath and blew it out. "Tobias, will you please listen to me?" I rolled my eyes, I knew what he was going to say but I sat down. "Damn it Tobias, just listen to me."

"Okay Dad."

"How long do you have left on this lease?"

"Another month."

"Do you like this place or did you move here because it was Jack's idea?"

I honestly didn't know where he was going with this but okay I'll bite. "Jack's."

"Which of the two of you paid the rent every month?"

"I do and before you ask, Jack always gave me cash for his part."

"Is both of your names on the lease?"

Oh this is going to piss him off, three, two, and one. "No, Jack asked to be taken off when we re-signed last year."

"WHAT THE FUCK, TOBIAS. What was his reason?"

"I don't know." I did, he was cheating on me and he didn't want to be stuck with the rent if I happened to get the balls to leave him.

"Okay, Toby, I know you got bills son, and I know this place isn't cheap." He looked at me. "I'll pay these next two months."

"I'm not..."

"Listen to me Tobias." He had cut me off. "I'll pay these next two months for you. IF your boyfriend returns, anything he pays you, comes to me. I don't want your part. I want you to look for something you can afford on your own without that jackass. If it's one like before, so be it Toby. Do you think your Mother and I lived in a house when we first started off?"

"No Dad." I was looking down at the table, I hated asking him for help. "I'll pay you back."

"No, you have deposit and first month's rent to pay on the new place and if you need I'll help you. Who put the deposit down on this place?"

"I did."

"Of course you did. Does Jack pay for anything?" I looked up at him. "Never mind don't answer, I don't want to know." He said sternly.

Yeah my dad didn't want to know, of course Jack didn't pay for anything. Which would be the reason I'm broke and asking for my father's help. Dad would have a field day if he knew I had a loan against the title of my bike.

Dad wrote me a check which I asked to be written straight to the leasing company. We agreed to have the lease terminated at the end of the time period, I even signed all the paperwork. Jack will have to move with me or find his own place if he comes back before we're supposed to be out.

I ended up finding a decent apartment that was in my price range, and the great thing was it wouldn't be available until next month. So I'll only be paying rent on two places for one month and I'll have an entire month to move this time.


Dad showed up early one Saturday morning after I'd received the keys to the new apartment. Jack has been gone for technically two and half months now, he still hasn't come and got his things, that is why I knew he wasn't really gone. I knew he showed up when I wasn't here on the weekends.

"How are you feeling today, Tobias?"

Oh shit, what did I do now? "I'm fine Dad. And you?"

"I'm just dandy."

"Dad, spill it, you're on duty."

"I know where your." He made a face before he could say it. "Boyfriend is and you'll need to go pick him up."

"What do you mean, I'll need to go and pick him up?"

"I had my partner follow me, my car is downstairs." He handed me his keys. "He's at your mother's ER. He wants only you."

"What happen?"

"He's okay, go down and pick him up, he does have some cuts and bruises. Other than that, your mother said he should be fine. I don't know anything else. I just came on duty and it apparently happened last night."

My heart was racing, Jack is mine and he wants only me. I ran to my room and pulled on jeans and a t-shirt, I didn't bother with socks and stepped into my shoes. "You going to be okay to drive?"

"Yeah Dad. Thanks." I grabbed my keys and wallet and out the door I went. When I got in my dad's car I saw my dad get into his cruiser. I pulled away and off to the hospital. I parked in the ER lot and ran up to the doors. Getting through security was fun. I'm not family, so they had to call back to make sure that Jack wanted me to come back there. As soon Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort as they let me in I went straight to the curtain draped room.

"Jack baby." There on the gurney was my Jack, more than a little bruised. His left arm was wrapped up and the hospital had him in scrubs. When Jack saw me he held his arms out for me to hug him and he cried. He actually cried. It wasn't his fake cry. "Baby what happened?"

Between sobs, I would get a little of the story. "Terry, Sam, Sheila and I were out, Todd was with us and we were leaving the club. We were heading to the parking structure and a gang of big guys came. Todd ran away. I couldn't believe it."


My Toby came, I was so happy to see my dumb jock. "Who is Todd?" Toby asked.

I looked up at him with puppy eyes, hoping to soften the blow. "The guy, I've been seeing."

Toby's jaw tighten but he knows, he isn't an idiot of why I've been gone for over two months. "And he ran away?" I nodded my head and winced, it hurt. "How are the other guys?"

"Sam got a few blows in, before they beat him down. You know Terry is soft he tried to run too but they weren't going to have two of us running away. Sheila, well because you know he was his usual self in a dress, he got a few good heals into feet."

"So your typical gay bashing?" Toby wasn't really asking.


"Did you see them at all?"

"They were big, that's all I remember and all I want to do is forget everything. Will you please take me home?" I could see Toby soften.

"Yeah, let me find out when they are releasing you." Toby left the area for a few minutes and when he came back he sat on the gurney with me and held me until the nurse came with my papers. "Do you want to change back into your clothes?"

"I can't, that is why I'm wearing these." He looked at me. "They tore my shirt and we're not talking about what happen to my pants."

"Okay Babe, are you okay to walk all the way to the car or do you want me to bring it up?"

It was my turn to look at him funny and ask questions. "How did you get my car?"

He chuckled. "I don't have your car, it's my dad's he brought it to me, mom called him telling him you were here."

"I lost my phone and when I found out the ambulance brought us here, I asked if Betty was on duty." I looked up at him. "That was nice of your dad."

"Yeah it was." He told me to wait at the door and he pulled the car up. He even walked around and helped me in, why does he have to be so sweet when I'm so evil to him. When we arrived home, he was still sweet to me. After I called into work, he held me in the bed all day and tended to all my needs.


What am I going to do with Jack? I'm caught up in this relationship hell and I let it happen. Jack's out screwing someone else and gets beat up in an alley with friends and the one he's seeing. The guy actually runs off and doesn't even help defend anyone, just turns tail.

And here lays my Jack depending on me once more, I'm stupid and let him. I took care of him all day, but I had to sleep a little, because I had work that night. I hated leaving him and I think he did too, he looked a little scared which was unusual for Jack.


When Toby left me, I was scared because I didn't know if he would want to go to his families for dinner tomorrow, it being Sunday and all. I didn't want to show up looking like this and then they I'm sure all knew that I've been gone. I couldn't call because I'd lost my phone, so I waited for him to come home. He walked in at seven-thirty that morning.

"Hey Baby." Toby looked at me. "Jack did you sleep at all?"

"A little." I didn't lie I worried all night long.

"Let me take a shower and I'll lay with you. We need to be at moms by two." Well that answered my question.

"I don't want them to see me this way."

"Baby, sadly by now everyone knows and all you need to remember is I love you." Then Toby sat down on the bed and caressed my side. "What's the guy's name, Todd?" I nodded. "Is that where your car is?"

"It's actually been at Glo." He didn't live far from there so it was just as easy to leave it there as it was to drive to his place, and I had a free parking spot at Glo.

"Okay, I'll go get it before we go today, so you have a comfortable ride." Toby stated.

"Why can't we take your dad's car?"

"Dad came and got it after work yesterday. I still have to return his keys to him." Toby looked at me. "Jack, you're not going to hide. You'll be fine Babe."

"Your parents and family hate me."

"I love you." Toby stated again and he laid down with me, he didn't go take a shower, he didn't remove his uniform. He wrapped his arms around me, held me tight and we both fell asleep until his phone alarm went off at noon.

He grumbled and held me tighter, I don't think he woke up enough to really hear it. God do I wish I could get out of his grasp and shut it off, so we wouldn't have to go. But then he would be so mad that he missed his family get together.

"Toby, Honey let's get up." It took a few times of this to arouse him from the dead.

"Okay, okay, I'm awake." Toby sat up on the side of the bed, he was still in his uniform. "It's twelve-fifteen, I'll take a quick shower and then I'll help you. While you're dressing, I go retrieve your car."

"Toby, let's just take your bike." He looked at me with concern. "Honey, I would rather be plastered up against you on the bike right now than you leaving me alone again."

"Jack, are you okay?" I melted, no I wasn't okay. Toby calmed me. Then he took off the bandage from my arm and my clothes. He started the shower, took his clothes off and got in the shower with me. He washed me, my sweet dumb jock washed me and he was so gentle, why?

He asked me if I wanted to wait for a few minutes that he would wash quickly and then he would dry me off, help get me dressed and put the bandage back on. I smiled and told him I would get out and dry off.

When he came out of the bathroom I had on my jeans and a long-sleeved. I couldn't put the wrap back on my left hand correctly so I was sitting on the bed pouting.

"Jack it will be okay. It's just a minor sprain. You'll be back to normal in no time." He smiled.

"I know and it least it wasn't my right they twisted. But I still hate that I can't do it myself." Toby walked over just wrapped in his towel, bent down, kissing me, he took my hand and quickly wrapped it. "How did you do that so fast?"

"Jack did you forget I was in football for most of my life? We weren't supposed to play rough at a young age, but we still did. You have to remember, I had my uncles egging me on." I hate his uncles they remind me of the men from the other night.

"Well get dressed Toby, I guess I'm ready." Toby looked at me all serious.

"Oh hell you're not."

"What do you mean?"

"The Jack I know would never go out looking like this." He held up my hand mirror to me, God he was right. I would never go out looking like this.

"Oh God, Toby." He just smiled at me.

"Get ready, I'll wait." I watched him go to his dresser and pull out some jeans and a t-shirt, while I sat down and pulled my brush and things out of a drawer of my vanity I have here in the bedroom. I never take anything I have in my vanity to the new guy's place, so I'm glad for that.

When I was ready I went out to the living room and found Toby asleep on the couch. I didn't want to wake him but I knew if I didn't, he wouldn't be happy. I woke him and he pulled me down on the couch with him, I actually laughed and so did he. It was nice, we haven't done that in a long time.

"Are you sure you don't want me to get your car?"

"I'll be find holding onto you, Toby. I promise." I said as he was zipping up my jacket and putting on my helmet. He helped me on the bike and once he sat down I held onto him tight, I actually did hurt my wrist a little. When we arrived at his parents I didn't let go at first.

"Jack Babe, we're here, you can let go." Toby said, he had already removed his helmet and was looking back over his shoulder at me. I release him and he got off the bike and helped me off. He took my helmet and jacket off, along with his and left them with the bike and we walked up to the house. "Honey are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah." He held me around the shoulder when we walked up to the house and when he knocked on the door it didn't take long for someone to answer.

"Hey... Toby and Jack." Sarah responded. I can see she was surprised to see me.

"Jack." Betty greeted me with a hug. "It's nice to see you." She hugged Toby but I didn't hear her say anything to him.

We walked into the living room to sit down but Betty told us to go out to the back yard that, that is where everyone was. I'd noticed a few extra cars, I was just hoping they were one of Toby's brothers or sister, significant other's cars. But once we walked into the back yard I found out, they weren't.

"Hey, there's my queer nephew and his faggot boyfriend." We could tell Tony was already drunk. I hated him and Frank. Their wives were okay, but I hated them. I know Toby does too. "Oh, it looks like the faggot got beat up."

Toby held me tight to him. "Ignore him, it's for the best." I just shook my head.


Oh this is one day I wish I would've listen to Jack little sad looks of not wanting to come to my parents. I knew we were having a cookout today but I didn't think about my uncles being here. Why I didn't think they would be here is beyond me, my dad always invites them when we do things like this.

I just held Jack tight to me because I could see the look in his eye when Tony called me a queer and him a fag. Which he continued to call us all night. It didn't help that my dad also go drunk and pulled me off to the basement to aka talk. I know it was because Tony and Frank got on his case.

We stayed most of the afternoon and through the evening. When I could find an excuse for Jack and me to leave I took it. I'd drank a little but I was going to drive away no matter what tonight. I pulled Jack out to the driveway and helped him with his jacket and helmet. Once I got him on the bike I got mine on and we were off.

As I drove into the apartment building parking lot I was thanking God we were finally home, but it dawned on me, I hadn't told Jack that we were moving. Oh this is going to be fun, Jack isn't going to like this one bit. But he hasn't been here either. I've been footing the bills, actually my dad has and he noted that fairly well tonight.

I got Jack and our stuff up to the apartment, after settling down for a while we went off to the bedroom and laid down. "I'm sorry Toby."

"What for Jack?"

"For hurting you. Like your dad said, why do you keep taking me back?"

"You heard that?" He shook his head. "Because I love you Jack, you're what I need and want. You keep coming back to me for some reason too. I don't know why that is, I can't treat you the way you want to be treated." He looked up at me. "I hate you going out on me, I hate it."

"I'm sorry." He apologized and it was the first time that it looked like he actually meant it.

"Let's go to bed, Jack." I hugged him and pulled the covers to the bed down.

He laid half on me, which it was nice to hold him again. "Toby?" I just grunted, I was actually starting to fall asleep. "I noticed almost everything in the closet is missing." That brought me to right away.

"I signed a new lease for another place."


"Jack, you haven't been here for over two months. I can't afford this place by myself. So I rented a place I could."

He sat up to look at me. There was enough light coming through our bedroom window. "So that is why your dad was calling me a burden. Were you going to move me with you?"

"I already started taking most of your things to the other apartment, Jack. My dad wanted me to take them to your parents and I told him no."

"And you didn't because?"

"I told you Jack, I love you." I blew a breath out. "I'll always love you Jack."

"But why?" I knew what he meant when he asked this, why did I love him.

"I don't know." And I honestly didn't. "Come on Jack, lay back down." He did but he didn't lay on me like before, he was snuggled up to me but not draped over me.

"How did you pay for the apartment?"

"I had to ask my dad for help."

"No wonder he knows our business."

"Jack you left me, I couldn't afford the apartment. I had to ask for help. I did it for a month without you and I was nearly broke. He helped me pay the last two months, deposit and first months on the new place." I fibbed a little, I didn't want to tell him that it was really just the extremely high ass rent for the last two months. That I was able to pay for the deposit and the first months on the new place.

"Forgive me, Babe." Jack batted his eyes at me. Which that is the Jack I knew and sadly couldn't get mad at or stay mad at for long. Jack cuddled closer and we fell asleep.


The early part of the week, I moved as much as I could into the new apartment. Jack was actually pleased with it. The apartment wasn't far from downtown, managed by a good leasing company and the building was well kept up. Downside of all of it, only one parking spot was provided. But if Jack parks carefully every day, my bike can fit in the front of the space. Thank God he actually drives a compact car, something reasonable.

I'll have to wait to move the big things in on the weekend, basically with my dad and my uncles help. Not that I want to see them anytime soon but I need their help. I decided that I should talk to my dad beforehand because Sunday evening we didn't leave on the best terms.


I asked my dad to meet me at a diner we tend to meet at a lot. I saw him sitting at a table, I was in my uniform because I needed to go to work after. "Tobias."

"Dad, how are you doing?"

"I'm good Tobias, are you hungry, do you want something before you go into work?"

"I was thinking about getting something and an order to go for my dinner later." I handed him an envelope with Jack's portion of the rent for the last month in it. I flagged down the waitressed and ordered, asking my dad if he wanted anything, which he ended up ordering a piece of apple pie with his coffee. I laughed, "Mom's going to get after you."

"What your mom doesn't know."

"Yeah I hear you."

We just talked about what was going on with our jobs until our food came, his pie did look good. This diner did know how to make good pies. "Well Tobias, I know you didn't ask me here just to rid yourself of Jack's rent money and watch me eat this delicious pie." He laughed.

"No, I didn't." I looked away for a minute. "Dad, I know you're not proud of me."


"Dad I know you're influenced a lot by Tony and Frank, they are your older brothers. But Dad, I'm you son..."

"Toby, I know you are, I'm sorry for what I said to you last Sunday. Toby I just hate seeing you..." He blew out a breath. "Even if he was a girl, I wouldn't like him any better, son. He treats you like shit and you let him."
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